Name: Zadar
Lat/lon: 44.115541 15.224531
Country: HR
Administrative code:
Ancient name: Iader
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Same As: Francia:places=13857 , Pleiades=197312

See also: TPPlace=1628; brill-s-new-pauly=iader-e520530; osm:node=581847041; osm:node=581847109; pecs=iader; romaq=86; satellite=yes; theatrum=1157; tm=28796; ; wikipedia=Zadar

Cites As Evidence
ordered by date

  1. thema, mentioned , secondary source
  2. Civitates, 300-600, as organisation , secondary source

ordered by title

  1. The early history of the Slavonic settlements in Dalmatia, Croatia, and Serbia (De Administrando Imperio) (1920 (948-952))
  2. When and Where Was the First Bishop of Zadar Mentioned? (2004)