Name: Córdoba
Lat/lon: 37.8847267 -4.7791517
Country: ES
Administrative code:
Ancient name: Corduba/Col. Patricia
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Same As: Francia:places=12782 , Pleiades=256128

See also: brill-s-new-pauly=corduba-e305060; ; name:ar=قرطبة; ; osm:way=36349322; osm:way=96268494; pecs=corduba; romaq=1010; romaq=1011; romaq=541; ; wikipedia:es=Corduba

Cites As Evidence
ordered by date

  1. AnnReg no. 824, 824, as place of event/issue
  2. Civitates, 300-600, as organisation , secondary source

ordered by title

  1. The application of network analysis to ancient transport geography: A case study of Roman Baetica (2008)