name: D_Mer., no. 085
edition: Die Urkunden der Merowinger
date: 654-06-22
event: confirmation of privileges
origin: original (A)
digital document(s): dMGH, MDZ
canonical uri:

Same As: Francia:documents=4497

Is Cited As Evidence By
Places, ordered by name

  1. Auxerre , as institution/office
    Palladius peccator consenciens subscripsi
  2. Bourgogne , as institution/office
    viro inlustri Radoberto maior domus
  3. Le Mans , as institution/office
    Chaoaldus episcopus consenciens subscripsi
  4. Lyon , as institution/office
    Aunemundus peccator consenciens subscripsi
  5. Noyon , as institution/office
    Eligius episcopus
  6. Paris , as institution/office
    apostol(icus) vir Landericus Parisiaci aecl(esiae) ep(iscopu)s
  7. Saint-Denis , as institution/office
    marterum beatus Dionisius, Leutherius et Rustecus ... basileca
  8. Saint-Maurice , as institution/office
    monasthirium s(an)c(t)i Mauricii Agaunis
  9. Saint-Ouen-le-Vieux (Clichy) , as place of event/issue
    Dat(um) sub d(ie) X K(a)l(endas) Iulias, an(no) XVI rign(i) n(ostr)i, [C]l[i]piaco, in D(e)i nom(ine) fel(iciter).