name: D_Arn, no. 067
edition: Die Urkunden Arnolfs
date: 889-11-21
event: confirmation of possessions
origin: original (A)
digital document(s): dMGH
canonical uri:

Same As: Francia:documents=431

Is Cited As Evidence By
Places, ordered by name

  1. Frankfurt am Main , as place of event/issue
  2. Würzburg , as institution/office
  3. Würzburg , as possession
    capellam infra praedictum castrum in honore sanctae Mariae
  4. Nierstein , as possession
    basilicam in villa Neristein in honore sanctae Mariae
  5. Ingelheim , as possession
    aeclesiam in villa Ingulunheim in honore sancti Remigii
  6. Bad Kreuznach , as possession
    aeclesiam in villa Crucinaha dicitam in honore sancti Martyni, quae sunt in pago Vuormacensi
  7. Groß-Umstadt , as possession
    in pago Moinahgouue basilicam in villa Omuntestat in honore sancti Petri principis apostolorum
  8. Lauffen am Neckar , as possession
    basilicam in pago Nechargeuue in villa Louffa in honore sancti Martyni
  9. Heilbronn , as possession
    in ipso pago in villa Helicbrunno basilicam in honore sancti Michaelis
  10. Kohortenkastell, Osterburken , as possession
    in pago Vuingartuueiba in villa Burcheim basilicam in honore sancti Martyni
  11. Stöckenburg , as possession
    in pago Mulachgouue infra castrum Stocheimaroburch basilicam sancti Martyni
  12. Königshofen , as possession
    in pago Thubargeuue basilicam sancti Martini in villa Chuningeshofe
  13. Schweigern , as possession
    ipso pago in villa Suueigra aeclesiam sancti Martyni
  14. Bad Windsheim , as possession
    in pago Rangeuue in villa Uuinidesheim basilicam sancti Martyni
  15. Gollhofen , as possession
    in pago Gollachgeuue in villa Gollahofe aeclesiam sancti Iohannis baptistae
  16. Willanzheim , as possession
    in pago Iphigeuue in villa Uuielantesheim basilicam sancti Martyni
  17. Dornheim , as possession
    basilicam in ipso pago in villa Dornheim in honore sancti Remigii
  18. Kirchheim , as possession
    basilicam in honore sancti Andreae apostoli in villa Chirihheim
  19. Iphofen , as possession
    basilicam in villa Iphahofe in honore sancti Iohannis baptistae
  20. Herlheim , as possession
    in pago Folcfeld similiter in honore Iohannis baptistae in villa Herilindesheim
  21. Gaukönigshofen , as possession
    in pago Badanachgeuue basilicam sancti Martyni in villa Chuningeshofe
  22. Sonderhofen , as possession
    basilicam etiam in villa Sundarunhofe in honore sancti Remigii
  23. Untereßfeld , as possession
    basilicam in pago Grapfelda in honore sancti Martyni in villa Eihhesfeld
  24. Bad Königshofen , as possession
    in ipso pago in honore sancti Petri basilicam in villa Chunningeshofe
  25. Brendlorenzen , as possession
    in pago Vuestargeuve in villa ad Brante basilicam in honore sancti Martyni
  26. Mellrichstadt , as possession
    in ipso pago in villa Madalrichesstat basilicam in honore sancti Martyni
  27. Hammelburg , as possession
    in pago Salageuve in villa Hamulunburch basilicam in honore sancti Martini
  28. Grafenrheinfeld , as possession
    in villa Roumfeld basilicam sancti Stephani
  29. Karlburg , as possession
    monsterium in honore sanctae Mariae in villa Charlaburc