name: D_Charles_II, no. 278
edition: Recueil des actes de Charles II le Chauve, roi de France. Tome 1 (840-860)
date: 864-11-22
event: restoration of possessions
origin: medieval copy (B)
digital document(s):
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Same As: Francia:documents=28744

Is Cited As Evidence By
Places, ordered by name

  1. Châlons-en-Champagne , as institution/office
  2. Forêt de Cuise , as place of event/issue
    Data X kl. decembris, indictione XIII, anno XXV regnante Karolo gloriosissimo et piissimo rege. Actum .......... in Cosia. In Dei nomine feliciter. Amen.
  3. Jâlons , as possession
    res videntur esse sitę in pago Cathalaunensi, id est villa Gelonis
  4. Champagne , as possession
    et Camponia
  5. Soudron , as possession
  6. Avenay-Val-d'Or , as possession
    et Avhennacus
  7. Vert-la-Gravelle , as possession
    necnon etiam in pago Virtudense villa que! Vicobernus appellatur