name: D_Kar._1, no. 132
edition: Die Urkunden Pippins, Karlmanns und Karls des Großen
date: 781-03-15
event: issue of command
origin: cartulary copy (C)
digital document(s): dMGH, Google-USA
canonical uri:

Same As: Francia:documents=201

Is Cited As Evidence By
Places, ordered by name

  1. Comacchio , as institution/office
    qualiter vir venerabilis Vitalis episcopus Comaclensis seu et ceteri homines fideles nostri Comaclo civitate commantentes [clementie] regni nostri suggesserunt
  2. Mantova , mentioned
    ad Mantuam civitatem
  3. Parma , as place of event/issue
    Data idus marcias anno tercio decimo et septimo regni nostri; actum Parma; in dei nomine feliciter.