name: TR, no. 014
edition: Die Traditionen des Hochstifts Regensburg und des Klosters St. Emmeram
date: 814-10-28
event: donation
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Same As: Francia:documents=12696

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  1. Not identified , as place of event/issue
    Facta fuit haec traditio ad Cundareshuson Anno DCCCXIV. Incarnationis Domini Nostri Jesu Christi; Anno secundo imperii Domini Hludouuici August. Indict. VII. V. Kal. Nov. die Dominico.
  2. Regensburg , as place of event/issue
    Facta vestitura ad S. Emmeramum ... in ipsa Ecclesia S. Emmerami
  3. Regensburg , as institution/office
    ad S. Emmeramum tradidissent
  4. Süßbach , as possession
    ad Sezpah ... id est, manentes XIV. ad Sezpah
  5. Neuhausen , as possession
    ad Niuuinhusum ... id est, manentes ... ad Niuuinhuson IV.