name: D_Lo_II, no. 025
edition: Die Urkunden Lothars II. 855-869
date: 866-01-15
event: confirmation of possessions
digital document(s): dMGH
canonical uri:

Same As: Francia:documents=10875

Is Cited As Evidence By
Places, ordered by name

  1. Aachen , as place of event/issue
  2. Köln , as institution/office
    episcopatum et ecclesiam sancti Petri
  3. Köln , as institution/office
    monasterium martyris Christi Gereonis et sanctorum sociorum eius
  4. Köln , as institution/office
    et monasterium sancti Severini Christi confessoris
  5. Köln , as institution/office
    monasterium quoque sancti Cuniberti, monasterium beatarum virginum
  6. Bonn , as institution/office
    monasterium sanctorum Cassii et Florentii martyrum
  7. Xanten , as institution/office
    monasterium sancti Victoris Christi martyris
  8. Köln , as institution/office
    et ecclesia sancti Pantaleonis